What was your best biryani experience so far?

I have so many memories of biryani shared together, laughed to each other with my friends, during many boring weekends when we are so lazy to get out of the bed. Sukkubhai has been our best restaurants in Chennai to share our amazing biryani memories together.

In the early nights when we have a sudden plans and cravings to eat biryani with absolute zero energy to get into a hotel to get your favourite biryani, Sukkubhai’s bucket biryani online order In Chennai rescued my drowning boat with their hot and savage home deliveries.

I would always prefer mutton biryani in Chennai rather than chicken, because the mushiness in mutton would amalgamate with rice better than chicken biryani. The total blend of meat and the other ingredients add the improved taste to mutton biryani. Sukkubhai, has the traditional seeraga samba mutton biryani in Chennai, which is the parent type of every other biryani varieties in Tamil Nadu.

We have a good biryani times during our hostel days, where bunch of people would sit together, eat biryani with heart full of love and laughter, planning for a next weekend’s biryani and laughing about all our lame jokes, failure plans. One pack of biryani can do lot of magic to your soul ,when you share it with the right group of people.

Never ever let someone dull your biryani moment with the stupid stories and unhealthy judgements. Celebrate all your late-night biryani time with Sukkubhai. Have biryani. Have fun.

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