What are the Job Roles in Big Data ?

Skills needed to read Big Data

While studying Big Data Training in Bangalore, you need to be informed of the many jobs you are expected to read.

These are the facilities of Big Data that are extremely in demand-

Programming languages including  Java, Python, and C++

·         Apache Hadoop

·         Apache Spark

·         Hive

·         Machine Learning

·         Data Mining

·         Data Visualization

·         SQL and NoSQL databases

·         Data Structure and Algorithms

Big Data Job Roles

Now let’s catch a glance at the job functions that you should reflect to make it prominent in the domain of Big Data.

Data Engineer

Data Engineer is a tie among Data Scientists and business administrators. They are effective for relating data scientists regarding business objects so that they can operate equally to obtain the goals. Data Engineer also manages a vast number of new data and access distinct data sources.

Data Analyst

The problem solver that examines data systems builds automated systems to recover data from the database and edit summaries is the Data Analyst.

Data Scientist

The work of a data scientist is to examine the fresh data which can be structured and unstructured to obtain data that is managed by business managers to get major choices affecting business extension.

Data Architect

The members of the Big Data team who know all the features of a database plan are Data Architects. They cooperate with big data designers to build data workflows and are qualified for outlining and testing new database models.


After understanding all the ideas to study Big Data, the practices associated with it, and the big data job tasks, you can decide how valuable it is to make Big Data in your lives.

Big Data Training in Chennai can be your secret to get advancing in your profession.

So now you require to begin with it by holding up a competent the Big Data Course in Chennai and obtain the best facilities. Then you can rise the stairs faster and secure your profession progress at missile speed as a Big Data expert!

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