Car Components In Auto Mobiles

Steel and its products are the most used material in the world. Many industries, such as Construction, Electric, Automobile, Nuclear sector, Railway, etc., rely more on steel and its products. 


Automobiles industry 

According to Steel Suppliers, On average, more than 75 million vehicles are manufactured per year, and in 2019 the automobile industry relied more on steel and has hit 90 million vehicles. Without steel, we can not produce even 50% of vehicles, so automobiles need steel for most of the parts to make a perfect structure. 


On average, 900 kg of steel is used in a vehicle. Steel is used in the vehicle’s body structure, panel, doors, truck closure, carbon steel in gear, cast iron for the drive train, suspension, fuel tanks, wheels, tires, and braking system, etc.  


Advanced High-strength Steel (AHSS)

In today’s vehicles, more than 50% of steels are advanced high-strength steel, which is new grade steel. This type of steel benefits the manufacture while working and also the customers in many ways. 

AHSS weighs less, so it takes less time to fix the parts of the vehicle, and also it reduces the total weight of the vehicle. By decreasing the total weight of the vehicle, it benefits the life of the vehicle and also reduces the green-house gases, which are unwanted emissions produced due to vehicles. 

As in the manufacturing side, the manufacturers take less time to manufacture a complete vehicle with AHSS, and they feel easy to manufacture this type of steel. 

According to Steel Suppliers in Chennai, AHSS offers low weight and high-strength and formidability, which makes the manufacturers use fewer materials during manufacturing. 


Benefits of Steel In Automobiles


  • Steel is recyclable, so even after manufacturing, the waste steel can be used for any other purpose and is eco-friendly too.

  • Steel has a high resistance to crashes and scratches. It supports vehicle life-time.

  • Due to its formidability, the vehicle needs only fewer steel products while manufacturing.

  • Due to high-flexibility, the designs can be made in creative ways. 



Always make sure to choose the best Steel Dealers in your city, who supply to many industries and are certified in supplying quality steel and steel products.