How To Prepare for General Studies? | IAS Prelims Paper 1 Preparation

IAS Prelims

IAS preliminary exam is conducted to check the IAS candidate’s skill related to economics and Social life. 

To clear the preliminary IAS exam, you have to know things that are happening around you and all the basic knowledge of Social life. 

IAS Prelims contains 400 marks with two papers.

Paper 1 – General Studies (GS) – 200 marks

Paper 2 – Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT) – 200 marks



Both papers are multiple-choice questions. Here, in Paper 1, you have to prepare in two ways, general knowledge and the other one is conventional topics.


Conventional Topics & General Knowledge 


Indian History

As per the last 2 to 3 years, UPSC has focused mostly on the Indian history between (1919-1947). So, when you have a plan of reading the 1857 revolution, do not go in-depth into the topics. 

Most of the students will cover history from the beginning and take a lot of time to come to the topics that are in the year 1919-1947 and do not locate time to read the main topics. 

You can score more marks in history, but you have to read and cover too many topics, so read it with a plan and don’t try to cover all the topics.

Books – India’s struggle of independence, Spectrum book.


Geography & Environment

Study NCERT Class X books for Geography and fundamentals of Geography read the Class XI book.

Topics would include principles of geography, climatic, and every year one mapping question. Also, use the atlas map and pin the map perfectly. 


Environments topics can be covered easily by reading newspapers. Human geography, climatic change, pollution, etc. Watch BBC World News and try to read newspapers. Recommended newspaper – The Hindu


Economy & Social Development

Class X, Class XII are preferred by many, but as per the IAS Academy in Chennai, you have to cover more than enough other than Class X and Class XII books. 

If you are a beginner, then you can stop it or continue to know more than the topics covered in NCERT class X & XII books. 


To cover international coverage study PD Economics books. 

Read Sanjeev Varma’s books for in-depth preparation related to Social Development. 



Beginners will make it hard to cover most of the topics, and they need an expert to advise and guide them for the UPSC exam. IAS is not an easy exam to crack at the beginning, but joining an IAS Academy will be supportive of your preparation.