3 Highly Useful Storage Furniture Items

Modern furniture designers show a great deal of interest in smart and compact furniture. Their primary goal is to manufacture a furniture unit that represents an aesthetic approach of design while providing the fullest purpose. The most demanded furniture units around the globe are storage units (of different types). Whether you have an essential need for a wardrobe or a new bookshelf in demand by your kids, storage furniture items always end up as your optimum choice. Over the passing years, the trends in furniture preferences have seemed to take a major shift in terms of design. If you or anyone you know may have an interest in buying new storage furniture, this article can help you make a decision about upgrading your furniture with the latest and highly usable kinds of storage units.


Bookcases are an important need of almost every house. Despite the digitalized era, readers like to keep their books organized and preserved in a safe storage space that is easily accessible at all times. Modern furniture manufacturers have brought innovation in their products by providing multiple options for bookcases to choose from. Some of the best furniture products distributors in Washington are emerging with great storage solutions for your needs. The most common bookcases look like open cupboards with a heightened top and several partitioned shelves extending down the rack. This standard type is more popular with the need to store a greater number of books in one space. However, modern design innovation allows you to make a compact choice with two other types of bookcases. Lateral bookcases are compact and small-sized racks to store a limited number of books. You can also get two lateral racks to divide your book collection by categories. Another more compact form is a double-sided bookcase. A double-sided bookcase can be a perfect choice for a personal storage unit as you can place it in the corner of your room with a limited set of books. This not only saves you a lot of furniture space but also serves the need efficiently.

Wall Mount Storage

Wall mount storage is the most popular invention of modern furniture designers. The primary idea of wall mount units is to keep the floor space free of furniture while allowing the storage space mounted on the wall of your choice. These smart storage units have a limited but decent shelf space making it aesthetically valuable. You can choose from three types of wall mount storage units including open, standard doors, and flip-up doors. You can look up for modern furniture distributors over the internet by typing a search query “Best furniture manufacturers near me” and get the desired products.


Cubbies are one of the few storage units that allow maximum utility and ease. As the name suggests, cubbies consist of cube compartments assembled together to serve multiple storage needs. The cube structure allows you more space to store a wide range of items including books, clothes, shoes, folders, and other items suitable to fit in the space. Cubbies are designed with a goal of serving as a hybrid cabinet structure allowing multiple storage solutions in a single unit. You can find standard cubbies as well as mobile cubbies based on your requirement. However, mobile cubbies are more purposeful as they can be moved and relocated easily with the help of the wheels.

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