The Ultimate Guide to Hire VPlayed Developers


Over 350 businesses around the world have chosen VPlayed as their video streaming solution provider. The 100% customizable OTT suite has helped customers across verticals launch exclusive OTT web, mobile and TV apps to reach audiences on all devices and platforms.

For businesses that have chosen or plan to choose VPlayed as their OTT solution provider, this blog is a complete guide to sign up for its developer services.

Hire VPlayed Developers

Developing an OTT(Over-the-top) app has become an important aspect of several video businesses across verticals. To offer viewers a personalized watching experience and monetize content through various business models, building and launching an OTT app has become the need of the hour. 

  • VPlayed developers help build, customize, develop, deploy & maintain your video streaming platform and apps for you. From personalizing every aspect of the platform to seamless migration, product support, and more – hiring VPlayed developers ease running your OTT business hassle-free.

    Functions of a VPlayed Developer

    VPlayed developers help with:
    * Web, Mobile & TV app development
    * Adding/ removing OTT features
    * UI/UX development
    * Easy content migration
    * 360° customization
    * Product support & maintenance

    Benefits of VPlayed Developers for OTT Businesses

    Here’s listing 5 crucial reasons to hire VPlayed Developers:
    1. Streaming Expertise
    Developer service from VPlayed is world-class and the team’s streaming expertise is unmatched. Since VPlayed developers are constantly working on creating apps, their experience in the field is immense and does a lot of good to the app being created.

    2. End-to-End Personalization
    By hiring a dedicated VPlayed developer team and signing up for an OTT solution, the app created can be customized based on business needs and market demands. Branding can be done to perfection and personalized features can be included to suit modern-day audiences.

    3. Cost Effective Method
    There are feasible methods to hire VPlayed developers. They can be hired on demand or for a specific tenure based on new app development, platform migration, support, or maintenance. Hence, the cost involved is feasible and is not long term.

    4. 100% App Control
    With a whitelabel OTT solution, businesses around the world can gain 100% branding and customization, which will ensure 360 app control and monitoring, especially with the help of a dedicated team of developers.

    5. Faster Time to Market
    VPlayed developers work in an agile model where the deliverables are quick and done in an orderly manner. Hence, the product development timeline is much faster than with conventional development and the app is launched sooner to the market and used by audiences much earlier.

    3 Steps to Hire VPlayed Developers
    VPlayed’s 300+ developers have built and launched over 500 OTT apps with expert skills in developing Android, iOS, Samsung, Tizen TV, Roku, and more.

    The hiring process is simple and can be broken down into 3 steps:

    1. Define developer demands: From launching new apps to platform migration, and more, businesses can mention their OTT app needs to opt for the service.

    2. Choose the hiring model: Clients can decide to hire developers on-demand or for a specific period based on the project tenure on a recurring model with easy payment options.

    3. Onboard VPlayed experts: Since the hiring process is well structured and streamlined, VPlayed developers can be onboarded and collaborate with in-house teams from day #1.

    In Conclusion, 

    OTT app development is an integral part of any business that relies on video distribution. It takes the right solution provider and a dedicated team of skilled developers who can carry forward the end-to-end development process, support, and maintenance. Hence, while building an over-the-top app from scratch might seem most appealing,factors like time, cost, and effort should be weighed to get to the market at the earliest. And, what better way than building and launching compatible OTT apps that will rule the video realm by hiring professionals with in-depth streaming knowledge and expertise?

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