Orgnanic Milk | Yummy Desi Cow’s Milk

What Is Organic Milk?

Normally, milk is obtained from mammals and also by human beings to feed their babies. There are two types of Organic milk, one is A1 milk, and another one is A2 milk. A1 milk is obtained from foreign cows, and A2 milk is obtained from Indian cows (daisy cows).

The lactose (a sugar content) presented in the A1 milk is not easy to digest for adults and kids. So, adults mostly need to take A2 milk rather than A1. The beta-casein (protein) present in the A2 milk is safe for the digestion system. 


Mostly Organic Milk In Chennai is A2 type milk because people in South India love A2 milk more than A1 milk. But also, most of them believe that all the packed milk is a2 milk. Farmhouse milk is pure and natural lactating from farmhouse cows, cow’s milk color differs a lot from other milk. 

Why Should We Consume A2 Milk?

All the a2 milk is desi cow’s milk, which contains a2 beta-casein protein. A2 milk removes all the digestive system related problems and also provides the needed protein for your body. A2 milk contains its own protein.

A1 proteins such as Morphine 7, BCM 7, are very dangerous to health for humans. All A1 proteins have a higher chance of causing type 1 diabetes.

Cow Milk In Chennai is safe for adults because adults’ digestive systems get weak when they age. At the same time, a2 beta-casein is very hard to digest, especially for kids.


Nutrition Pack in A2 Milk – Vitamin B2, B12, Protein, Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, etc. 


Farmhouse Milk

A1 milk content that is produced from foreign cows will have more liquid content when compared to a2 milk. But when it comes to purity and health benefits, a2 milk is best. Milk is packed up with various nutrients, a2 milk does not give you any side effects, it is recommended for growing kids. Organic milk is safe and gives all the needed calcium for anyone. 



Feel and sip the farmhouse milk before you start your day. A2 Milk Chennai is best for everyone who wants to have a healthy diet.