How To install Corrugated Plastic Sheet By Yourself

Corrugated Roofing Sheets have various advantages for roofs and walls. It is available in many colors, shapes, and materials. The plastic roof sheet weighs less, and it is quite easy to install plastic sheets when compared to other types of sheets. Customers select the roof sheets, but they spend more money on installing and repairing them. A quality roof sheet lasts for more than a decade, Polycarbonate, PVC sheets are one of them. 

Storage of Corrugated Sheets

Placing the panels is foremost important before you install the sheet. The proper storage will be supportive and easy when you start working on the sheets. Until you fix the roof sheet, do not lie them directly in the sunlight, because the sheets can easily deform in the sunlight. Better place them flat until you coat them or clean the sheet. 

Placing the Roofing Sheet


To make a perfect roof sheet installation, place the roof pitch maximum of 10 degrees or at least 7 degrees. After this, you can insulate the plastic sheet or paint it white to prevent it from sunlight. Then the corrugated surface should be supported at a measured 80 cm distance for the polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate Sheet Price In Chennai is available at an affordable price with punched holes. It will be easy for you to install in your home. Because drilling takes more time, so punched drill hole sheets save a lot of time. 


The direction of Laying the Roof Sheet

To make the installation perfect, one should look after placing the eaves of the roof and another person to work in the ridge of the roof. Screw the sheets at every 3rd wave crest or corrugated area. Also, while placing the Roof sheet, make sure to look at the UV protected side of the sheet, because in most of the polycarbonate sheets only one side is insulated for UV rays. 


Height of the Roof Pitch

The overlapping height of the roof sheet should be at least 150mm if the roof pitch is placed 10 degrees. If the roof pitch is lower than 10 degrees, then increase the overlapping height of the sheet to 200 mm. 



Polycarbonate sheets are easy to install, but still, be careful while drilling and installing the sheet. Mostly it takes less time to install when compared to Metal Roofing Sheets, because metal sheets take more time in installing and are more complicated, so we should always go for a professional. But here, the polycarbonate sheet does not require any professionals to install the sheet.