How Are High-Quality Motocross Graphics Made?

You have won significant accolades after installing some stunning KTM Enduro graphics on your motocross bike. However, have you ever wondered how those amazing decals were made? Read through the section below to know about the immense effort that goes into the production process of bike graphics.
How Do the Designers Work?

Experienced designers are capable of coming up with numerous templates for a single bike model. This offers users like you, the opportunity of choosing your preferred design from several available options.
Designers act like a sponge when creating something new. They possess the amazing ability to absorb ideas observing things and events around them. These qualities are common in all kinds of designers including the ones creating bike graphics. A top bike decal designer will be well-versed with things going on around him and will come up with designs complementing your purpose and surroundings.
When it comes to bike graphics, one design type that enjoys immense popularity is replica design. Most top stores indeed have a sizeable collection of replicas as buyers visiting their platform look for them. However, top designers never make exact replicas; they always add a personal touch to the designs.

What Are the Common Design Tools Used?

Most motocross bike graphic designers work using vector graphic editing software. That’s because vector graphics, unlike the raster graphics, draw lines and shapes, and create colours based on mathematical equations.

The software used most frequently for this purpose are Corel DRAW and Adobe Illustrator. Many companies avoid using Corel and Illustrator as they are quite expensive. However, if you are buying graphics from a reputable firm, you can expect them to use such high-end software. That’s possibly the main reason why they always produce flawless graphics.
How Are the Graphics Printed?

Most current generation printers work based on the 4-colour CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) colour system. However, the colour ranges of these printers are known to be quite limited. Modern-day bikers prefer using decals that are colourful and bright. As a result, the graphic kit companies can’t use CMYK printers for printing bike decals. Instead, these companies use 10-colour printers that offer a wider range of colour options. This allows designers to use more eye-catching shades in their designs. However, the use of 10-colour printers makes the printing process much more expensive.
Final Words

By now you must have understood how complex the process of designing bike decals is. Make sure you are buying bike decals from a trusted store if you want all the rules mentioned above to be followed meticulously.