Geftinat 250mg Tablet Uses, Doses, Side Effects & Precautions

The use of Geftinat 250mg Tablet is to treat non-small cell lung cancer, It is a prescribed medicine that is advised to those patients who have not had previous treatment for cancer.


How Geftinat 250mg Tablet Works


Geftinat  250mg tablet works by blocking or controlling the action of the abnormal protein in the body that prompts cancer cells to multiply. It helps to stop the infected cells from increasing in the body.


How to Take Geftinat 250mg Tablet


Geftinat 250mg Tablet can be taken with or without food, but better to have it exactly as prescribed by your doctor at a scheduled time every day. Do not discontinue the treatment until your doctor suggests you to do so.


Missed Dose

If you missed any dose take the medicine as soon as you remember it. If it is the time of your next dose then skip the missed dose and take your next scheduled dose.



Do not take the medicine in larger or smaller quantities than recommended.


The duration of this treatment may vary according to your health condition; you should follow all the instructions carefully given by your doctor. It will help to increase your recovery. Consumption of medicine in the wrong way or taking too much can cause very serious side effects.


Side Effects of Geftinat 250mg Tablet


Regular consumption of this medicine may cause some side effects but some side effects may cure by own after some days. Still, in some patients side, effects may vary and can bother too much so must consult with your doctor about it –



Dry skin

Loss of appetite


Weight loss





Weight loss


During the treatment, you can experience diarrhea so keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. You may feel more sensitivity towards sunlight so protect your skin by wearing good sunglasses and full clothing can be helpful. If you see other undesirable changes in your body like vision or problem in breathing then report to your doctor immediately. 


Precautions with Geftinat 250mg Tablet


If you are a kidney, liver patient, let your doctor know about all the medications you are using so that your doctor can manage the medicines and doses for you according to your health condition. Avoid antacids supplements during the treatment. 


Substitutes of Geftinat 250mg Tablet


 In this condition, if treatment doesn’t effective or bothering your so much then you can change your medicine with its options. 


Gefitrust 250mg Tablets

Kabigef 250mg Tablets

Xefta 250mg Tablets


Geftinat 250mg Tablet Price in India


The tablets are available in many medicine stores. Now day’s people may prefer to buy Geftinat 250mg tablet online to get lots of benefits and offers through online purchasing.